City sewage‏

Good evening, My name is Craig Wilson. I am a high school math teacher at North Garland High School and the associate pastor at LifeWell Chruch (which is on the square in the old opry house; Darryl Hall is the senior pastor). I’m contacting you because my home was flooded with sewage from the city the last weekend of May when we had our last major rain storm. As you know, many homes in Garland were flooded. What you may not know is that a few homes were flooded by sewage from the city. My neighbor was perhaps hit harder than anyone. My wife and I stayed up that night and worked very hard with pumps, buckets, mops, and bleach to remove the sewage and clean/disinfect the three areas in our home the sewage collected. We called the city water department to report the sewage (which was coming out on our property at a rate of several gallons per second). A crew came out and said there was nothing they can do. I believed those two workers. However, the city can act now. Our insurance is telling us that since this came from the city, we will not be covered. I have called city secretary, water department, and building inspections department. I understand that there are other homes damaged and some are in worse shape than mine. However, this does not mean that the city should not do their part in repairing/paying for the damages that came as a result of the sewage overflow. It is my understanding that the city should have reverse flow valves to keep the overflow from occurring. Yet, these have not been put in place and my home has been damaged and my family has been relocated as a result. Please help me keep the city accountable for these damages that could have been prevented. I am not asking for anything other than what is fair. Praise God my family is healthy and safe. It could have been so much worse. Still, a family of five being driven from their home because hundreds of gallons of city sewage rushed onto our property should be heard and responded to. Thank you for listening. Craig Wilson 972-998-2184