Demolition on the Garland Square

A fence had been placed around the building and equipment stood ready for several days. On Monday, April 10th demolition began, marking the end of a structure that had been the centerpiece in the garland downtown square for as long as anyone could remember.  By the end of the day it had faded into history, with only a pile of rubble remaining, to be sorted and hauled away.

On Tuesday morning, when the Baker Brothers opened their furniture store, they were amazed at their view. Since their grandfather, Augustus Baker, began doing business at that location in 1926, generations of Bakers had looked out upon a blank wall. One can now see clear across the Square and the Plaza Theatre and all the storefronts on State Street. A view never before seen from Baker’s windows.

The old building had been “updated” in the 60’s, hiding all vestiges of historic architecture with stucco. It had last been occupied by the Garland Civic Theatre until it was purchased by the City a couple of years ago. Since then the building had been sitting vacant and deteriorating.

The building is gone and its foundation broken up and hauled away. Grass will be planted, creating a green space while studies for redevelopment are considered. The Demolition of the building represents a major step toward the City’s goal to revitalize the Historic Down town area.

Nancy Ghirla