Election Wrap-Up

On May 15th 2019 Garland’s Mayor and the 4 Councilmen who were elected in the May 4th Municipal Election will be sworn into office. Mayor Lori Barnett Dodson will be stepping aside as Scott LeMay replaces her in the role of Mayor in Garland. The only new face in the Council will be that of Dylan Hedrick who will be replacing Scott LeMay as Councilman for District 7 at age 37, Dylan will be the youngest of Garland’s 8 Councilmen.


Up for reelection with challengers on the May 4th Ballot were Jerry Nickerson in District 3 and Robert Vera in District 6. Both were reelected. Robert John Smith in District 8 ran unopposed and will be serving his constituency for another 2 years.

Linda Griffin challenged by Bob Duckworth has won reelection and will retain her position in Seat 3 on the GISD Board of Trustees.

The 8 components of the 2019 Bond Election were all approved by Garland Voters.

Jerra Barnett, Lori Barnett Dodson’s mother has been serving in the unofficial capacity as “Mayor Mom”. She has announced that she will continue to serve in that role when Scott LeMay assumes the office of Mayor.