Garland Businesses and Covid 19

The negative effect of Covid 19 and the resulting prohibitions placed on our independent restaurants is disastrous in many cases. They are permitted to serve only 50% of their seating capacity while having to bear the additional expense of masks, gloves, daily disposable menus, and other safety measures. At the same time, a good percentage of the population is hesitant to dine out, inside the eateries. Those with outdoor seating available are doing better than those without. 

We were recently invited along on a trip to American Pawn, and was surprised at what we learned. The place looked nearly empty, and when we asked why, we were told that the extended and expanded unemployment payments, combined with the stimulus payments, have kept folks at home, along with their belongings. Now that was definitely an unexpected revelation!

Our esteemed associate and graphic designer, Lucas Cervellini, tells us that the tattoo business is booming. Lots of folks have money in their pockets and time on their hands, so why not get a tattoo? Cervellini has more business at his Rock Ink studio than he has time to serve, and he’s very grateful, since he and his wife are expecting their third child to arrive in a few months. 

Retailers in the home and garden sector are enjoying increased sales due to the time being spent at home by many of our citizens, Pier 1 and Tuesday Morning are closing their doors for good. People staying out of the stores and shopping online has played a big part in their demise. The travel and entertainment industries have been all but decimated, so it was encouraging to learn that the AMC movie theater chain opened last weekend. 

In Garland Hello Carwash is giving free car washes on Wednesdays to customers who donate two or more cans of food to help fill the shelves at the Good Samaritans Food Pantry. With so many out of work, the need to feed the hungry is greater than ever before. This is just one of many examples of local small businesses reaching out into the community and lending a helping hand. Wear your masks, practice social distancing, but please make it a priority to support our local small business community. 

Nancy Ghirla

Good Samaritans of Garland
214 N 12th St