GP&L Launches Outage Text Reporting System

The next time your lights are out, reporting it to Garland Power & Light can be as simple as sending a text from your cell phone.
“Our new outage text reporting system offers customers a quick and easy way to report their outage,” said GP&L General Manager and CEO Jeff Janke.
There are two ways to text an outage to GP&L:
  • From a cell phone number that is already associated with a GP&L account, customers can simply text OUT to 972-205-4000.
  • To report an outage from a cell phone not linked to an account, customers should text the account number (including the dash) for the location that is experiencing the outage to 972-205-4000. This method also works for customers with multiple accounts.
After reporting an outage, the customer will receive a confirmation text from GP&L. Once power is restored and the issue is closed in GP&L’s outage management system, the customer will be notified by a second text message.
972-205-4000 is GP&L’s dedicated outage text reporting number, so it can be added as a contact for future use.
Customers can still call GP&L’s 24-hour emergency outage number, 972-205-3000, to report an outage over the phone.
Visit for more information about GP&L’s outage text reporting.