Jupiter-Miller Redevelopment Project

The former Raytheon site, located at the corner of Jupiter and Miller Road, has been a question mark in the minds of many residents since the day Raytheon closed its doors in Garland. In the past year, the site has seen a lot of changes, including the construction of Ricky Rockets Fuel Center and the expansion of Nutribiotech, but if you’re wondering what else is to come, you’ve come to the right place. We spoke to Eric Langford of Langford Property Co. and he told us about how his company came into this opportunity and what he envisions for the site’s future.


Q: Why did Langford Property Co. choose to purchase land in Garland, Texas?

“We are having to go to great lengths to secure a 40-acre site anywhere in Dallas … Garland has some of the best trained labor in the metroplex.”

The Chamber also discussed with Eric how Garland was attractive because of its dense, well-trained labor and access to transportation systems. He mentioned that being a mile away from LBJ and having two DART stops outside helped. These two factors were what Quest Window Systems looked at when they leased over 300,000 square feet of the development, and what other manufacturers are looking for when expanding or relocating. Eric grew up in Garland, has a passion for helping the city grow and could not pass up the chance to develop 40 acres with top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities.

Q: When you were thinking about redeveloping this site, were you certain you were going to find the tenants for this need you found, or was there some risk?

“In real estate there is always a risk … We have a lot of knowledge of what might work.”

Eric and his partners have been doing this for quite some time and they know what tenants are looking for. With experience comes knowledge of what might work to get these buildings leased to potential tenants, especially in terms of dimensions and layout. He’s satisfied with having leased most of the 800,000 square feet already and is looking to lease the last 100,000 square feet to one or two more manufacturing companies.


Q: Why redevelop instead of keeping the old buildings on site?

“Nicer image, better functionality. They can be more efficient here … The plant that was here, where Raytheon used to house, was outdated. Initially there was attempts to lease it for someone to use it like it was, but no one wanted it.”

The functionality wasn’t like what the businesses demand today. When Eric and his partners purchased the land, they wanted to offer a product that they knew the tenants would want to stay in. In this development they built it with 40-foot high ceilings, multiple dock doors, an R25 roof that is up to LEED standards to keep the facility cooler, and this area is close to I-635 with multiple entry points. Offering what tenants are looking for bring in new companies like Quest Window Systems and with that comes job creation.


Q: What do you think the total job creation is going to be with the Jupiter-Miller Redevelopment Project? And what is the total economic impact?

“Probably here alone, well over a thousand … We have probably increased the value of the property ten times or more which directly means you are getting that much more in taxes, and that’s before you start to consider the equipment that these guys have that gets taxed”

Eric estimated that this development alone creates 1,000 to 1,200 jobs. That does not include the development of the other 70 acres of the old Raytheon site. On top of that, the exponential affect might be hundreds more jobs in the surrounding areas. In certain areas Eric has seen the exponential effect being two times the job creation itself. The economic impact is huge for this area, with the value of the property tax having a rapid increase. They bought the site when the value of was low and are targeting the manufacturing community that will bring in additional brand-new equipment.


Q: How did Ricky Rockets Fuel Center come into the picture?

“We worked closely with Ricky Rockets. We exchanged some land that they own.”

Ricky Rockets purchased land directly from Raytheon and that happened simultaneously as Eric purchased this land. They exchanged some land that they used to create a road that is shared between the fuel center, Southeastern Freight and the tenants.

Q: Why do you think all this redevelopment is happening now?

“It’s a symbiotic thing. Development attracts development … There is momentum that it creates, and a synergy with other things that allows urban redevelopment.”

This area is filled with new and exciting developments, and just last month another project was announced. Colony Industrial, in partnership with Huntington Industrial Partners, will develop 21 acres of land just down the street from the Jupiter-Miller Business Center. This adds to the 110-acre Raytheon site that is now being fully developed.

If you’ve been in Garland long, you know the city has a rich history of evolving to meet the needs of the day. From cotton farming to the industrial revolution and the age of technology, nothing has stayed the same for long, and the Jupiter-Miller Redevelopment Project is a shining example of how the Garland community responds to opportunities for growth and innovation. The site is full of exciting potential, and you can expect the Garland Chamber to keep you informed about all the new developments to come.