Making it Official

During a special meeting at Garland’s City Hall on May 15, Scott LeMay was sworn in as the city’s new mayor. Also sworn in were councilmen Jerry Nickerson for District 3, Robert Vera for District 6, Dylan Hedrick for District 7 and Robert John Smith for District 8.

Mayor Scott LeMay praised Lori Dodson for stepping up and serving as mayor at a time when the council was in a state of turmoil. He credited her for restoring order and cohesiveness to the council. During her farewell address Dodson cited the many challenges and accomplishments by the council during her tenure as their leader. Chief among those were the reopening of the hospital as a Veterans Administration Hospital and all the work leading up to the successful Bond Election, recently approved by voters on the May 4, 2019 ballot.


This special meeting was not without its moments of spontaneity and humor. One such incident occurred as Dylan Hedrick was being sworn in and his 4 year old daughter jumped around and tugged at her daddy’s jacket, trying to get his attention. There was hushed laughter from the audience and a grimace from Hedrick’s wife, who stood  quietly in the background, holding their two year old daughter in her arms.


It’s now time for Mayor LeMay and the City Council to get to work and begin the projects approved by voters in the recent Bond Election.


Nancy Ghirla

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