New Power in Garland’s Old Power Plant

That old red brick building  located on Avenue A, across from the Senior Activity Center, is Garland’s old power plant, built in 1922. That building, with the little white jail attached, will become a new location for the Foundry Church, now located at 1325 Avenue F.  


Abandoned for several decades, the building was stripped down to its outer walls and a roof with holes large enough to allow pigeons to roost inside. The old roof has been stripped away and church members are power washing away several years of pigeon droppings.  


There is also a water issue to be dealt with. Water from underground springs collects on the lower level, and there is a well in that location, too. At one time there was a water tower on the premises which, they surmise, probably accounts for the well.  The water has a very high mineral content and is not potable. Discussions are still underway on this issue. 


The little jail, or calaboose, as it was called back in the day, will become the office of the assistant pastor., Doug Farris. Right now it’s a matter of cleaning up the premises so that construction can begin. On the main floor will be the sanctuary, classrooms, offices, kitchen, etc.. The Foundry Church has taken on an enormous task, but they have done their due diligence and believe they are up to the challenge.  


Nancy Ghirla