Newly elected officials will be sworn in this evening

Tuesday, May 16th, newly elected officials will be sworn in this evening at Garlands City Hall. Both the mayor and council members are limited two three 2 year terms in their respective positions.

Mayor Douglas  Athas has been reelected and will be serving his third and final two year term in office.
There will be a runoff in District 3 between candidates Jerry Nickerson and Ed Moore. Nickerson received 46% of the vote in District 3, while Ed Moore received 29%. A candidate must receive more than 50% of the vote in order to be declared winner. District 3 voters will be asked to return to the polls and cast their votes on June 10th.
Robert Vera will be sworn in to replace Lori Barnett Dodson in district 6. Dodson is stepping down, having served her third and final term.
Scott LeMay has been re-elected to serve a third term as city councilman for district 7. LeMay ran unopposed in this election.
Robert Jay Smith will be sworn in to serve as city councilman in District 8. He will be replacing Jim Cahill, who will be stepping down due to term limits.
Nancy Ghirla