Not Your Grandma’s Library!

It took a 9 year old to open my eyes! My grandson, a GISD fourth grader, told me he’d never been in a public library. So, last Saturday was our day of discovery. There are four libraries in the Garland Nicholson Library System. We chose the main library because it’s closest to home. In one section there are computers for adults, and most of them were busy attending to business dealings, shopping on Amazon, or maybe working on a college degree. Those library card holders have the use of the computers and very capable assistants to help if needed. And it’s FREE! Copies can be made and documents can be printed for a very small charge. No need for an office, just use the facilities the public library provides. What a great deal!


But we were there to educate a 9 year old on the resources available at the Garland Public Library. So we meandered over to the kids’ section and saw the smaller work stations, many occupied by kids playing computer games, or doing their homework. Of course, we were surrounded by endless shelves of books, so Isaac decided he wanted to find a book and sit down in one of those comfy looking easy chairs. He chose the librarian with the “ask me” flag standing next to her desk. He told her he was looking for a book, and she asked for the title. I was a bit dismayed when he answered, “Dog Man”. She found it in the computer and asked if there were any other books he would like to see. Again, I was a little taken aback when he responded with, “Captain Underpants”.  She led our little reader to find his books and I remembered that there are often special events for kids on Saturdays. I inquired and was told that there was a movie and a craft starting at 2 p.m. at the South Garland Branch Library. So much for the “Dog Man” and the “Captain Underpants”, we decided to find out what “Pete’s Dragon” was all about. When we got there the movie was just beginning. The large screen covered the back wall of a large meeting room. Kids were sprawled out on the carpeted floor and adults were lined up in chairs. There was a lady stationed at a table near the entrance, and she wanted to know if we were interested in doing a craft, or if we wanted popcorn or water. All this is FREE! We enjoyed the movie, ate the bags of popcorn and Isaac made a paper dragon, which was the craft being offered. The craft was coordinated with the movie. And it was all FREE!


After the movie we checked out the South Branch. It’s all on one floor and seems smaller than the Main Branch on Austin Street, but it seems to be designed to accommodate kids with its decor and furnishings a little more than Main Branch. Isaac obviously enjoyed his day of discovery and wants to do it again. Next time we’ll get him a library card. The card makes it possible to utilize all sorts of online features remotely. And it’s all FREE!


There are movies to rent, computers to use, family entertainment of all sorts and of course, a never ending supply of books to read. We’ve been told that the latest and greatest library operating system has just been installed, making checking out a breeze and makes day to day operations much more efficient. Gather up your little dudes and dudettes and head on over to the nearest Garland Library. You’ll be glad you did. And it’s FREE!!!

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