On Stage in Garland

Garland has many live entertainment options, including the Garland Civic Theatre, the Garland Symphony, various theater groups and companies that lease the Plaza Theater stage, and several informal music options in restaurants around town. In that milieu a few names standout: Patty Granville, Robert Carter Austin and Josh Hemsley. You may not have heard of Josh Hemsley, but Patty Granville refers to him as a “Renaissance Man”. A few months ago, in a meeting with representatives of the Garland Civic Theatre, we were first introduced to Josh Hemsley. The purpose of that meeting was to organize a fundraiser at the Millhouse Pizzeria and Stage. It was decided that tickets would be sold for a sneak peek , consisting of the performance of a scene from their 51st season’s opener, “Barefoot in the Park”.The sneak peek took only a few minutes of the 2 hour event. The rest of the time the audience assembled at the Millhouse were treated to music by the very talented Kevin Sutton provided the music and Josh Hemsley performed an improv segment. The audience was dazzled by the talent on stage. Tickets were sold for “Barefoot”, and many season tickets were also purchased. This was a successful event, as the intent is to involve the community in the activities of the theater.