Plaza Broadway Opening July 1

Developer  Carlos Quintanilla stood out in the parking lot, watching the men who were painting fresh stripes in the large expanse of concrete. Over the past two years plus, and literally dozens of visits and conversations, I had come to know Mr. Quintanilla and his struggles, both personal and business wise. Since we first met at this location at Centerville and Broadway in South Garland,  he had battled cancer, run for Congress and myriad other undertakings involving his involvement as a leader in the Hispanic Community of Dallas.

Plaza Broadway is the new, vibrant version of the old abandoned K Mart store that had stood vacant for several years before Quintanilla invested in the property. The transformation is amazing, and promises to be an asset to the area.  There are over 100 retail spaces for rent in Plaza Broadway, which  a shopping mall with small stores resembling an indoor marketplace. The food court will have Mexican, Salvadorian and Italian fare, and there is also a sports bar that will be serving beer and wine with a typical menu serving wings and other things. There will also be an ice cream and smoothie store, two beauty salons and a Barber shop.  In addition, there is a banquet hall and community business center.

Quintanilla has received the Certificate of Occupancy for the mall, but each and every individual business within will have to apply for its own. While several of the businesses are ready for the July 1st opening, the majority remain available for lease. Many prospective tenants backed off due to the continuous delays created mainly by City of Garland requirements, which have, at last been met.