Sounds of Summer Concerts

The Sounds of Summer  concert series performed outdoors on the Garland Downtown Square, ended on Friday, July 12th. There were three concerts, each with a different music genre. Crowds gathered with their outdoor concert watching gear, and many were family groups with children.There were also activities at 506 Art on Main Street on two of those concert evenings. The first was a paint by numbers mural and the second art related activity was the decoration of painted plastic bottles mounted on rebar poles that, when complete, resembled a collection of totem poles. Both of those activities were designed for community involvement. 


The bands that were booked by the party planners in the Parks Recreation and Cultural Arts Department of the COG were first rate and very well received by the crowds. The businesses surrounding the downtown square profited from the events and it was hard to fathom why some of those small mom and pop businesses chose to remain closed. All in all, those were three very successful events, and we’re hoping there will be many more planned for the future. The one thing missing on those warm summer nights were refreshments for the kids, like ice cream, for example. Let’s put ice cream on the list for next year.