South Garland HS Students in Car Show

The Wheels of Hope car show, a fundraiser for Hope Clinic, took place on April 28 in Downtown Garland. It was a great show, as nearly 200 vintage vehicles participated. The Old Garage Band was providing the background music and it was a great day to stroll around the square.

The unexpected popped up on the corner of Main and Sixth, as we discovered a mini art show.  The art and auto mechanics departments of South Garland High School collaborated to create a very special art show, which had been intended to be a silent auction. Due to missed communications with the show organizers, the silent auction did not happen. Nevertheless, it was a delight to see some really fine artwork applied to car hoods.  Just imagine that hood you raise to check your oil adorned with colorful and highly lacquered images. Several of the students were there, assembling the display and later, taking it down and packing up. We chatted with teacher Mark Beaty and about the special programs offered at SHJS. He proudly pointed out a white Ford truck that the class had built  and parked on the curb adjacent to the art exhibit.


The students we spoke to were very enthusiastic about their participation at the car show and about their special classes. We’d like to give a shout out to a great teacher and his talented students. If there had been a category for Best Effort in the show, we would have insisted it be given to the Colonels for  prize well earned; for a job well done!.

Nancy Ghirla

Photos by Anita Goebel