The Candidates

We requested that the candidates send us the reason for seeking office and what they hope to accomplish if elected in 200 words or less. responses are published exactly as they were received, without edits. Here are the candidates in their own words:

Jerry Nickerson Jr.

Just think what we have done in two years! We began the solution to Eastern Hills, began the process of City investment in the Rosehill Catalyst area, completed miles of rehabilitation and reconstruction of alleys and streets, and began the improvement of business districts with signage and facade ordinances. Worked through a tough issue with the closing of the Baylor Hospital and found a unique solution. Listen to you the citizen and developed the first Bond issue since 2004 Improved Public Safety such that we are now the 9th safest city in America. We have made much progress over the past two years but there is much more to do.

Why do I want to be your District 3 City Councilman? It is very simple. To continue to serve you the citizen. To make sure the Eastern Hills/My Possibilities solution is completed, to continue to move forward with the redevelopment of South Garland, to continue the improvements of our streets and alleys, to expand on our solution for the replacement of needed health service for Garland, to see the bond issue through if our citizens so approve it and to continue to improve public safety. But there is more work to do.

But I need your vote to do this. Let me hear from you loud and clear. Let all of Garland know that you want me to represent you for two more years. You must get out and vote for me, Jerry Nickerson District 3 City Councilman on May 4th

Jerry A. Nickerson, PE

City Councilmember, District 3

Dylan Hedrick

As the new representative for Council District 7, I plan to help
Garland continue to be the best place to live, work and play in the
Metroplex. This means working to further economic development by
passing smart, planned zoning and regulations by which the needs of
developers, residents and the community are all thoughtfully
considered. It also means reducing obstacles and providing the
incentives necessary to attract business to Garland.

It means working with and providing the tools necessary to our new
Police Chief Jeff Bryan to keep our community safe through effective
and proven policing strategies.

Finally, it means planning, designing and completing any and all of
the bond propositions that pass in this election. The passed bond
propositions are a mandate from the voters to add streets, parks,
libraries and amenities to our community.

I chaired the 2018 Garland Bond Committee and I will work with the
city to complete the approved bond projects in a timely and fiscally
responsible manner. The faster the projects are completed, the lower
the cost to the taxpayer and the sooner the citizens can benefit.

I am looking forward to serving as your representative and being the
biggest advocate for Garland.

Dylan Hedrick

Patrick Abell

My wife and I have lived in Garland for 20+ years. Our two daughters have benefitted from the wonderful education that G.I.S.D. offers. After many years of community service and school involvement I have decided to run for council so that I can help our city grow and continue its development as well as advocate for District 6.

As a council person I plan to work closely with all departments to spur both commercial and residential redevelopment in our city. My banking and real estate background gives me a unique perspective into the North Texas Region. Garland has a lot to offer and District 6 is in a prime location to help our city continue to grow. I believe that all residents deserve to be heard and should be informed of all aspects of their city. I look forward to hearing from all of our residents and putting my servant mentality to work for all of our city. I truly feel that we have one of the best “small town feelings” when you compare us to all of our neighboring cities.

I would urge all of our residents to get out and vote! Be the difference you want to see!

Patrick Abell