Trusted World Foundation Helping Disaster Victims

When Trusted World announced that it would accept donations of goods from private citizens, they were overwhelmed by a deluge of emergency necessities.   

 Those donations were sorted, boxed, shrink wrapped and placed on pallets in a warehouse at 3000 Kingsley Road, in Garland.  

 Trusted World CEO, Mike Garrett, called a halt to donations of goods for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and asked for donations of cash and volunteers to help with sorting and packaging. On Thursday, September 7, volunteers were busily sorting and packing. At that time we were not yet dealing with the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  

 Since our initial visit the mountains of palletized goods have diminished greatly. On our September 28 visit we found that the mountains of goods had dwindled to a fraction, and Garrett no longer needed volunteers. Distribution by truck and military planeloads had delivered the donated items to those who needed them.  

 Trusted World’s greatest need now is cash donations and cleaning supplies, according to Garrett, who is one of only four paid employees of this foundation. Foundation Board members have donated the trucking, warehouse facilities and other vital resources to enable disaster recovery efforts. People are desperate for your help, and will be for months to come. To learn how you can help, please visit their website: 

Nancy Ghirla