VROC Awesome New Facility for Our Veterans

Veterans Resource Outreach Center hosted an Open House on February 1 to familiarize invited guests with the facility. This facility is an extension of the services offered by Life Message. Life Message founder and CEO, Chris Kizziar, informed us of his organization’s history in providing services for our veterans from their Rowlett Road locations. As the program expanded and its need increased, more space was required. Life Message has leased the building at 4210 Industrial Street in Rowlett to serve those purposes. The Veterans Resource Outreach Community now has its own Center.

Services provided to veterans of all branches of the US Military include basics like food and clothing, but also cover a myriad of other needs. Amongst those is access to a database providing employment opportunities. Counseling and other services are provided through established connections with various governmental entities.

Kizziar proudly led us on a tour of the brand new resource center we began in the tastefully furnished reception area. Three members of MAD Radio were there, having just completed an onsite broadcast. This is where veterans will be signing in upon entry. There are several meeting rooms with tvs donated by Target and each room has a medallion posted at its door from a specific branch of the military. One of the large meeting rooms is furnished with about a dozen laptop computers, ready to use in job searches. There is a large open event space that was lined with donated refreshments for guests attending the open house. In a far corner is the office of Chris Bunkoff Life Message Director who will be managing the premises on a daily basis.


Life Message began about 10 years ago in an office building on Forest Lane in Garland. At that time it provided food, clothing and financial assistance to individuals in need. It grew rapidly, requiring more and more space and eventually wound up on its present location on Rowlett Road, which also includes a very popular thrift shop. Having established connections with national charitable entities and corporations, Life Message not only serves thousands of families from their present location, but also from many satellites. Chris Kizziar is the man who has made it all happen, even though he shies away from the spotlight. He is also serving as Chairman of Board of the Rowlett Chamber of Commerce. This man has a knack for identifying needs and filling them. Based on past performance, we expect this new Life Message extencion to dramatically improve the lives of veterans in need of the services provided by VROC. We believe VROC is gonna rock!


Chris with wife Tina Kizziar, who works alongside Life Message


Nancy Ghirla


Photos by Anita Goebel