Downtown Garland Updates

To be honest, navigating the streets in Downtown Garland is still a nightmare. No getting around it, it seems that your destination is always on the other side of a barricade. Thankfully, enough of us have been determined enough to figure it out, and have kept those small businesses alive. The good news is that the date of completion of the project has been moved up. A few months ago we were told it would be completed by December, 2023. Now we’re told it is expected to be completed by the end of August. Leeanne Rimes has been booked to entertain at the official opening in October. 

Sidewalks at Seventh and Main have yet to be torn up and replaced, and the cutouts left for planting are being prepared to accommodate trees and plants. At this writing the intersection of Sixth and Main is torn up, but State Street is now open. In spite of all that, investments are being made in Downtown Garland properties. Tom DeNolf, whose primary business is making movies and commercials, has demonstrated his confidence in the future of the area by his investments. His first project was the former Magillicuddy’s Antique Shop on Sixth, followed by the purchase of the former Garland Furniture  at Fifth and Main, and most recently the red tiled roofed building at the corner of Glenbrook and Main. The interior walls of the old antique shop were stripped down to bare brick, and the finished product is a significant upgrade. The old Garland Furniture property is now renovated and awaiting its new tenants.  DeNolf’s newest acquisition, originally a funeral home owned by the Williams family, then sold to the First Baptist Church, as now seems to be the focus of his creative energies. We’re confident that the finished product will again be another significant upgrade to the area. 

Nancy Ghirla

Email: [email protected]