Paw Paw’s Goes Bye Bye

A favorite lunch spot among locals, Paw Paw’s Sweet Shop & Cafe, is now closed. Owner Cheri Stigler is now concentrating on her recently opened Sunnyvale restaurant, Settler’s Table. While Paw Paw’s had a 50’s diner vibe, Settler’s Table has a more formal atmosphere with a nice wine list., serving both  lunch and dinner.  The decor is unique here, too with its collection of interesting tables and chairs. Cheri explained that she collected some of the tables, while others were donated by friends. There are also outdoor seating options at the Sunnyvale location.

About  a decade ago we watched as the  window on the 600 block of State Street in Downtown Garland was being painted with the new business name, “Paw Paw’s”. When I questioned Cheri Stigler about the name, she explained that was what she called her beloved and recently departed grandfather. Her grandfather was also the influence for the 50’s mood of the place. That storefront was very tiny, and more conducive to take out than sit down service, though both were available. After a couple of years  Paw Paw’s moved over to Main Street and up to Ninth. We were convinced that her landlord, Robert Smith convinced Cheri to make the move so that she would be closer to his office. , so that he wouldn’t have to travel so far for lunch and Cheri’s outrageously delicious desserts. 

Paw Paw’s is now history, as we were told they just couldn’t recover financially from Covid, followed by the rerouting of traffic due to the construction of a new downtown square. Cheri’s son, Sean Stigler, had been running Pew Paw’s, while she and Husband Earl Stigler were getting Settler’s Table up and running over in Sunnyvale.  Sean is trying his hand at something new, and his food service experience should serve him well. He will also be helping out from time to time at the new location. 

There are now two prime corner locations available for new businesses at the intersection of Main and Ninth, just a stroll off the square at Main and Sixth. What was once Hubbard’s, a favorite breakfast spot for many years, is now for sale, according to a sign out front. Hubbard’s lives on, however, at their Rowlett location on Lakeview Parkway (66). There’s a sign on the window indicating that the space once occupied by Paw Paw’s is now available for lease. Those of us who have gotten hooked on Cheri’s peanut butter pie are now driving out to 129 Collins Road in Sunnyvale. We usually begin with their really good charcuterie board followed by a delicious entree, and end with that decadent dessert. It’s worth the drive.

Nancy Ghirla

Email: [email protected]