Posh Public Potty

The City of Garland is investing one half million dollars in a public restroom to be placed on a
vacant lot on Sixth Street, between Avenue A and Main Street. It seems a bit extravagant to
some of the humble taxpayers who actually pay for these things. Who exactly is this
prefabricated structure intended to serve? Perhaps the handful of folks and musicians who
attend the Friday night performances in the vacant lot at 506 Main Street (aka 506 Art)?
Probably not, as that program will end at the end of September. The Labor Day Parade will
begin at Central Park and end at Glenbrook and Austin, nowhere near the location designated
for the posh new potty. It will definitely serve the construction workers who will be in the area for
at least the next year and a half. According to Councilwoman Deborah Morris, the facility will be
As will all new things, pros and cons are being expressed by nearby business owners. One of
the more cynical descriptions of the new restrooms has been, “The outhouse next to the
Scouthouse”. That moniker makes reference to the Troop 100 Boy Scout building adjacent to
the restroom site. That sounded kinda cute, no disrespect intended. Let’s hope the City’s
investment of $500,000 is well served, and well maintained. Perhaps this beautiful new structure
will develop its own fan base, and visitors will be coming to the downtown area just to utilize it.
After all, we’re told that people flock to downtown Sulphur Springs just to admire their all glass
restrooms. Ours may not have glass, but it’s gonna have class!
Nancy Ghirla
Email: [email protected]