Garland Public Shooting Range

While checking out the new Pleasant Valley bridge we glanced down to discover the Garland Public Shooting Range. After checking out the towering sculpture on the bridge and admiring the ornamental ironwork on it’s rails, we ventured down to the shooting range.

Since we have no knowledge whatsoever of guns or shooting ranges, this turned out ot be an awesome learning experience. We visited with Jack and Shannon Surles managers who are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. They were extremely accommodating and patient with our rudimentary questions we learned that it costs $15 for an all day shooting pass. Unlike other shooting ranges we were told, shooters can leave and return the same day without additional charges. We learned there is a rifle range, pistol range, and a skeet shooting facility.

Since the shooting range is built in a floodplain, it experiences occasional flooding. Due to the recent heavy rains it had been underwater for a couple of months. It is now refreshed and reopened.

Jack and Shannon proudly displayed an array of candy bar at the desk and mentioned the sweet treats attraction for young gun range shooters. In casual conversation we asked about the age of those young shooters. To our amazement, Shannon told us shooters can be as young as 6 years old she went on to say that some of those little tykes are better shots than she is. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed due to the possibility of injury from the sound of gunshots.

The people we didn’t have a chance to visit with are Randy Case, range officer and Jim Day, owner. Learn more by going to their website:


Nancy Ghirla

photos by Anita Goebel