Garland’s Mayor Makes it Official

Mayor Douglas Athas announced his intention to resign as mayor of Garland in October, 2017, but did not make it official until January 9, 2018. When he first announced his intention to resign, he did say that he would make it official at  a time in the near future that would not trigger a special election. Athas submitted his Letter of Resignation within 120 days of the May 5th General Election.

Mayor Athas will be leaving office with one year left to serve of his third and final two year term as mayor. His successor will be elected to serve one year. Due to the prevailing six year term limit, Athas would have termed out in May of 2019.

Those candidates wishing to be included on the May 5, 2018 ballot may pick up their packets at City Hall beginning January 17. The paperwork must be completed and filed with the City Secretary by February 16. Anita Goebel in District 2 and B.J. Williams in District 4 will be terming out. David Gibbons in District 1 and Rich Aubin in District 5 will run as incumbents, having completed their first 2 year terms on the City Council. Following the May election Garland will have a new mayor and at least 2 new councilmembers.

As all this writing five individuals have picked up packets and may possibly be included on the May ballot as candidates for the position of MAYOR OF GARLAND.

Nancy Ghirla