BAD SEED – Theater Review

Granville Arts Center FacilitiesThis diabolical psycho-thriller will hold you in your seat, riveted to the dialog and trying to figure out who’s going to get bumped off next. With one cast member playing the part of a criminologist, and another an amateur psychiatrist, the story touches on the ages-old debate of nature vs. nurture when trying to fathom the root of criminal behavior.

The tale is set in the 40’s and revolves around 8 year old Rhoda Penmark, played very convincingly by Adgie Lou Davidson. Rhoda’s a doll-like little beauty, seemingly adored by all. But psycho-doll must have her own way, or their little darling will make them pay! Though armed with this knowledge, audiences will nevertheless be shocked at the twists and turns of the plot.

Warning! Do not see this production alone!! You’ll need a hand to hold and someone to confirm that you have seen what you have seen!!!