Bee Hippy in Downtown Garland

Come on down and see the miraculous transformation that has taken place on the corner of Main and Seventh. Remember that unsightly, abandoned muffler shop that had been there for God knows how many years or decades? Well, it’s disappeared into history, and has been replaced by a fresh new store and business

A father and son team of entrepreneurs have opened Bee Hippy, a store selling products based on CBD, derived from hemp. Products based on CBD, with claims ranging from pain relief and stress reduction to improved sleep and cognitive function. It’s a whole new world of opportunity and Chris Fagan, supported by his dad Dave Skinner, jumped on the bandwagon and began by manufacturing their own product line six years ago. 

The Bee Hippy product line includes gel caps, gummies, tinctures, vape cartridges and assorted products for topical use.  Bee Hippy’s pricing is much lower than competitors, because they manufacture their own products, cutting out the middleman. They acquire their hemp from certified and approved sources, so they are able to offer consistently high quality and stability in their product line. Our research shows their pricing is quite a bit lower than other sources, including national chains. 

Why did the men choose to locate their business in downtown Garland? Chris explained that he has lived in the area for the past fourteen years, and this is close to home. He and his wife are the parents of three little girls, ages 1, 3 and 5 years. Both Chris and Dave have been successful in other unrelated business ventures. In addition to the store, they have a mobile unit, described as a drive thru dispensary that they take to farmers’ markets and events. 

You’ll find several reasons to be happy when you visit Bee Hippy. They offer special deals each day of the week, Monday through Saturday. 

Special Deals

Monday shoppers will be able to purchase softgel products for 20% off, and if they come back on Tuesday, they can get Flower for 20% off the normal price. On Wednesday there will be a 20% price reduction on vape cartridges, and 20% off gummies on Thursday. On Fridays there will be a 20% discount on tinctures (oils). Saturday’s special will be 10% off on products used topically. In addition to all those great deals, customers will receive a free Bee Hippy gift when they purchase $50 of the hemp based products.

Both Dave and Chris will be happy to answer your questions about these plant based, all natural remedies. Bee Hippy is located at 701 Main Street, across from the Main Street Cafe, and kitty corner from Fish &  Tails restaurant. They are planning to be open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. and closed Sundays. 

Nancy Ghirla

Email: [email protected]

Proprietors Chris Fagan and Dave Skinner

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