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Choose Sky Helicopters at the Garland Heliport for an Uplifting Experience

The sprawling buildings at 2559 South Jupiter are owned and operated by Sky Helicopters, Inc. They are the business entity of the Garland Heliport. On land leased from the City, they provide the necessary aerial services for our local TV channels and many other functions, the least of which are tours. The tour package offered the public is quite pricey, so we decided to check out just what that entailed.   We scheduled a tour with the help of Connie Pyatt, who checked us in and had us watch a pre flight video before leading us out to the tarmac. 

The tour is 30 minutes and the copter, a Robinson R44, is a four seater, accommodating three passengers and the pilot. With two rotors, one over the cabin and another at the tail, take off, touring the sky over Dallas, and landings are very smooth. With headsets and mics in place, passengers can communicate with each other and the pilot. The pilot points out the featured areas of interest on the ground, but every minute of the tour offers a magnificent panorama of the city and environs. Over White Rock Lake the pilot, Tom Zaroban, announced “That peninsula is the Arboretum”.  We hovered over the surface of the Dallas Vertiport, a spot we never knew existed. An overview of the downtown skyscrapers gave us a perspective of their architecture we could not possibly have gleaned from a view from ground level. 

Landing is just as smooth as the take off, setting down once again on the tarmac at the Garland heliport. Passengers are assisted both in and out of the helicopter by a ground crew member. Our tour had taken us from the ground up to 2,000 feet of altitude without a single anxious moment.  It had been mesmerizing, totally awesome from beginning to end. From the professionalism of the crew to the quality of the equipment and smoothness of operation, this was a topnotch, unforgettable experience. Our passenger trio represented three  generations, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Nancy Ghirla

Email: [email protected]