Day Trip

Hillsboro Texas is approximately 80 miles from Garland via 635 and 35E. This town of about 10,000 has a lot to offer in old time charm and colorful history. In fact, there was a movie titled, “Hillsboro” released in 2006.

The old courthouse was destroyed by fire and rebuilt thanks to donations that poured in from around the world. The job was completed with funds raised by Willie Nelson, who held two concerts to finish the project. It now stands proudly on the downtown square. There’s a privately owned museum in what was once a car dealership. There are cars, license plates, signs and every sort of memorabilia imaginable and the owner is still adding to the collection.

The old jail is located on the rear of the first floor of a two story home. The sheriff and his family lived upstairs and his wife prepared the meals fed to the prisoners. One of those prisoners was a young fellow named Elvis Presley, who became a bit drunk and disorderly in a local bar one night. He occupied one of the cells overnight, until he sobered up and paid up the next morning. 

You can take a stool at an old time soda fountain and enjoy homemade ice cream, and there will be about 10 different flavors to choose from. Tisket A Tasket Soda Fountain and Antique Shop. Most popular soda fountain menu items are those milk shakes and burgers. The burgers are unlike all others, as they come with a very special Jalapeño relish. Fun browsing through their antique collection after or before filling up at the soda fountain.

There’s also a smokehouse offering melt in mouth brisket, and other places to visit in the downtown area. You might want to call ahead to learn of their post pandemic business hours and availability.

Nancy Ghirla

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