Downtown Garland Updates

Downtown Garland Offers Multiple Health & Beauty Options The downtown square
will be greatly enhanced and surrounded by a new “streetscape”, which involves the enlarging
and repaving of sidewalks, among other things. The project will cover an area from Fifth to
Glenbrook (running east to west), and Avenue A to Austin (running north to south). At long last,
after many, many delays, we are told that work will begin before the end of the year. Alleys
surrounding the square have been replaced and enhanced so that customers can enter
businesses from the rear while construction is barring front entrances.
Before the earth moving equipment arrives, the transformation is beginning to take place around
the downtown square. Artwork is beginning to appear in the most unexpected places! Take a trip
through the newly paved alleys and discover colorful creative expressions on brick walls and
dumpsters. Formerly vacant buildings are now under renovation. The former Garland Furniture
store on Fifth and Main is now in the process of becoming the 21st century version of itself. The
former Wild Grace Boutique is in the process of becoming a bakery, with plans to open in the
spring of 2022. The former Business World office supply store is going to become an addition to
Lemmond’s beauty salon.
There are an abundance of personal care services being offered in the Downtown Garland area,
bordering the square and going up Main and State Streets. You can shape up with a vigorous
workout at Robert Selders 3Q Fitness, get a massage at Patricia Alonzo’s Wellness Center,
and refresh with a healthy drink at G Town Nutrition. For a gentler approach to your
fitness and wellbeing, you can choose from three different yoga locations. Wholy Formed
Yoga, Brenda Ross’ Christian Yoga Studio on Seventh and State, offers an added bonus.
Brenda can rid us of aches and pains with Microcurrent Pain Management, which can only be
described as acupuncture without needles. Those treatments are very reasonably priced, and I
can personally attest to their effectiveness.
If your workouts haven’t calmed your nerves and energized your body, you may want to find out
what Bee Hippy has to offer. Dave and his son, Chris Fagan, will be happy to help you decide
which of their CBD products can best address your problems. They manufacture their own
products, cutting out a middleman and keeping their prices lower than their competitors’. They
will happily and patiently explain their products and their usage. Bee Hippy is located on the
corner of Main and Seventh, across from what is to become the Latham Bakery. Stop by and
say hello to this new Garland business, and peruse the array of hand crafted items on display, in
addition to their wide selection of CBD based products.
Sticking with the theme of personal care services in Downtown Garland, let’s start with your
head and work down to your toes. Bernie Hernandez, owner of Bernie’s Salon on State
Street, will joyfully address any issue you may have with your hair. You can drop in to the
Queen B Studio at 107 S. Sixth Street for lush and lavish lashes by Madeline Casanova and
other beauty services. Manicures Pedicures can be arranged by calling Lemmond’s and
making an appointment. For the guys, there are several barber shops and a couple of tattoo
studios if they happen to be in the mood for an artistic tat. We have mentioned only a few of the
many businesses offering personal services in the downtown area. Take a stroll around the
square and conduct your own tour of discovery.
Nancy Ghirla
[email protected]