Free Cocktails…How Do They Do It???

The Catch, a new restaurant opening in Garland on September 30, is advertising FREE Cocktails, all day and everyday! How can that be? They are a franchise operation, so we assume this is a tried and true business model. They will certainly attract more customers by promising free drinks, that’s obvious. Will those free cocktail imbibers be likely to order more food? Possibly. What is the limit? Can we order 2 or 3? They are not waiting on the issuance of a liquor license, they are giving the booze away permanently, so we’ll be eager to see just how this works.


The “free” drinks will be: Margaritas, Beer, Hurricanes and peach daiquiris. (I’m wondering what they charge for a coca cola?) The seafood menu will consist of fried and or steamed catfish, oysters, shrimp, tilapia, gator, etc.. This is the first The Catch franchise operation to open in Garland, and we’re certainly curious to see just how it works with their free cocktail offerings. We bid them welcome and wish them well.


5949 Broadway Blvd

Garland, Texas


Nancy Ghirla