Kahlo at Frocksy in Downtown Garland

In conjunction with the Frida Kahlo exhibit now being featured at the Dallas Museum of Art, the artist is also being celebrated in Downtown Garland. There is a popup display with photos from the exhibit in the outdoor art park at 506 Main Street. Next door, at 510 Main Street, is a shop specializing in vintage ladies’ clothing and jewelry, and the Karin Wiseman Collection. That shop is Frocksy, and owners Trayc Claybrook and Karin Wiseman have created their own image of the Mexican artist with a display that greets customers as they enter. There’s a mannequin with the famous “unibrow” makeup and authentic Kahlo attire. There are also small gift items available, relating to the artist and her work.

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon was born in Mexico in 1907 and died there in 1954. She was best known for her portraits, self portraits and subjects related to Mexian culture. The folk art style of her paintings makes them readily identifiable as Kahlo’s work. She was married to Diego Rivera, a famous artist known internationally for his murals. 

Kahlo fans will enjoy this homage to the artist. And everyone will enjoy getting acquainted with this accomplished artist and very colorful lady. All free of charge and waiting for you at 506 and 510 Main Street in Downtown Garland. For a more in depth view of the artist and her work, visit the Dallas Museum of Art. The Kahlo exhibit will be featured there for only a limited engagement.

Nancy Ghirla

[email protected]

candles, dolls, and coin purses
506 Art
display at Frocksy