Lady of Mystery

There are many facets to life and business in downtown Garland. There are a few homeless folks who have become part of the landscape over the years. After a discussion with one of the business owners bordering the square, I was inspired to write this poem:

Who? Who is the woman

Who lives in her car’

Parked right outside

A downtown bar?

She’s been there for years,

Or so I’ve been told

What does she do when

The weather turns cold?

She sleeps in her car,

Instead of her house;

She says it has “rats”,

Might that be her spouse?

Her son, a patrolman

Keeps watch every day.

That may not be true,

But that’s what they say.

He moves her to safety

When storms come through,

Then back to the square 

In a day or two. 

She washes in the restroom 

Of a nearby cafe

And sits at their table

Most everyday.

Who is this woman with

A limp in her gait?

Time passes her by,

So the answer can wait.

Nancy Ghirla January 11,2021