New Investors in Downtown Garland

Real estate investor and movie director, Tom De Nolf, had been expressing his interest in purchasing 500 Main Street in Downtown Garland since the property was first vacated by the Peavy family and their Garland Furniture store. It is the most prominent corner in the historic downtown area, and there have been several prospective buyers, and even a contract or two on the property.  On September 15 Tom De Nolf with business partner Candace Rubin closed on the sale and became the official new owners. 

We have seen the drawings and heard De Nolf speak excitedly about his plans for the property. This is not De Nolf’s first investment in downtown Garland. He previously purchased and renovated the building at 113 N. Sixth Street, the former McGillicuddy’s Antiques. We can expect the same high quality transformation at 500 Main Street. The renovation involves a change of the footprint of the property, and dividing the interior space into three separate business spaces. The largest space, complete with outdoor patio, is planned for a restaurant. Two smaller spaces bordering Main Street will house a wine merchant in one, and an ice cream or gelato shop in the other. De Nolf also has thoughts of incorporating a speakeasy somewhere on the premises. 

Work on the redesign of the square and new streetscape is to begin in the next month or two, after many, many delays. Some old timers are still of the “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality, as there have been so many abandoned plans in previous decades. Thinking positively and keeping that new streetscape in mind, the new entrance to Downtown Garland will be fresh and exciting by 2023. The confidence demonstrated by the investment made by De Nolf and Rubin in the future of Downtown Garland is very encouraging and greatly appreciated by the downtown business community.

Nancy Ghirla

Email: [email protected]