Surprise Landing in Garland Downtown Square

The old downtown square has been totally demolished and a new one is taking shape. It was assumed, incorrectly so, that the new square design would complement the historic nature of the surrounding architecture. Most of the buildings were built during the early 19”s. We were told a treehouse would be a feature of the new square, and that had a very charming feel to it. 

Over the past couple of weeks metal arms anchored in cement arose from the rubble. Those arms seemed pretty tall, certainly reaching higher than most of the surrounding structures. Then a large bubble, resembling a UFO arrived on the scene. As it turned out, those metal arms were the tree, and the bubble was the house. This surprising feature of the much anticipated new square is an anachronism, for sure.

This ultramodern “treehouse” is definitely a bubble burster for those who anticipated a more historic style to be incorporated in the elements of the downtown’s new centerpiece.  Now we wonder, with trepidation, what the ultramodern interpretation of  the planned gazebo is going to look like! At this point we’re told that the construction in and around the square will be completed by December. Apparently the only historic element existing in the square at that point will be the State of Texas Historical Markers, which have to be put back in their original positions, according to State law. 

Nancy Ghirlaemail: [email protected]