Thank You, Carissa Dutton

We recently noticed, in Facebook postings, the name of Carissa Dutton coming up in connection with the winter storm disaster that occurred at Montclair Estates, a senior living complex. We asked her if she could explain just what had happened there. She said she just happened to be in that area while assisting a homeless man whose tent had burned up. She received a call from Montclair and rushed over there. She stayed about 10 minutes, which was just long enough to see some of the apartments that had flooded due to frozen pipes, since the homeless man was waiting in her car, she had to move along, but left knowing there were volunteers on site and help was on the way.

We first heard Carissa’s name when she began a Facebook group to enable Garland residents to communicate their ideas and concerns. That group “Garland, Texas” currently has 15.7K members. Then there were the birthday parades organized and participated in by none other than Carissa Dutton. Kids were being kept at home due to the pandemic, and were not able to get together for those traditional birthday parties. Carissa rounded up some friends and decorated vehicles, put on costumes and created a joyful noise to help celebrate those birthdays.

Then there was the Grinch. While our downtown restaurants were fighting just to stay alive during the shutdown, and Christmas on the Square had been canceled, Carissa dressed up as the Grinch and livened things up. She brought life, fun and photo shoots to brighten things up at holiday time. This lady has the heart, energy and intelligence to brighten up Garland every chance she gets. As far as we know, the only reward she has received is the gratitude of those she has helped and inspired. We’d like to throw our gratitude into the mix, and thank you so very, very much for all of your good work, Carissa Dutton. Keep the good work up, and let us know how we can help.

Nancy Ghirla

Garland/Rowlett Messenger

Photo by: Carissa Dutton