Trusted World Needs Your Help…

Trusted World is a foundation founded in Allen, Texas in 2014. The organization recently acquired 340,000 square feet of warehouse space at 3000 Kingsley Road in Garland. Right now their mission is to supply Hurricane Harvey victims with their basic material needs.  

 Trusted World needs volunteers and monetary donations to cover operating expenses. After announcing that they would be accepting donated goods , they were inundated with donations from all over the United States and beyond.  

The generosity of ordinary citizens was so overwhelming that they had to stop accepting donations and start sorting. Founder and CEO Mike Garrett, invited us to tour the facility and photograph what we saw.  

Volunteers were opening boxes and sorting through clothing in one area of the warehouse. Soiled or torn items were discarded and the rest sorted according to type and size. The sorted items are placed in new boxes, marked and palletized. Forklifts buzz around, picking up and delivering pallets to designated areas.  Garrett’s goal is to organize the donated items in such a way that the operation will resemble an Amazon fulfillment center 

 Our warehouse tour took us past mountains of donated bottled water and packages of diapers, sorted according to size. These and many other items had been sorted, boxed, shrink wrapped and placed on pallets, and were ready for pick up or delivery.   

 Trusted World has also leased a few Penske Trucks to enable them to deliver the needed items when called.  

 The Red Cross , operating the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center shelter, will call with specific requests, such as personal care items, water, diapers, or whatever the need they are unable to supply. Trusted World will have those items ready and waiting for pick up within hours, in most cases. Same would hold true for any other shelter in need of specific items of clothing or supplies. 

 Trusted World moved into their warehouse space just one week ago, on September 1. This organization is new to Garland and its corporate community. Let’s step up and support this relief effort with our donations of financial support and volunteer hours. So far they have received only  $200,000 in cash donations and need much more to keep supplies flowing to those who have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Garland Mayor Douglas Athas provided Mike with a golf cart to travel through the vast warehouse, which he tells us is the equivalent of 6 football fields in size.  

 To volunteer, just show up at the warehouse and sign in. One of Garrett’s five staffers will assign an area for you to work in with other good folks who are willing to help others in a time of crisis. The Trusted World motto is, “Helping people who help people”. Let’s help them them help people who help people!