Winter Storm Hits Downtown Garland

The historic old brick walls surrounding the patio at Intrinsic Smokehouse and Brewery at 509 State Street have been through a lot. They had been built up, burned out and now covered with ice. It had been a retail store when it burned to the ground many years ago. It remained vacant and roofless until Cary Hodson purchased the property and converted the outdoor space to a patio a few years ago. It became a popular outdoor dining and music venue and is usually packed every weekend. As luck would have it, the patio was not in use when the storm hit. The weight of the ice on one of the walls caused it to crumble. The Garland Fire Department came to help secure the location. Throughout all the excitement Intrinsic enjoyed business as usual, and didn’t miss a beat. It’s safe to assume the patio will be sporting a fresh new look when the weather is warm enough for all of us to enjoy it.