Young and Slim, or Old and Fat (like me)

WHoly Formed Yoga

The yoga studio on State and Seventh in downtown Garland holds many surprises for a first time visitor. To begin with, it’s not based on the traditional Hindu philosophy, but is led with a Christian message. The studio belongs to Brenda Ross, a woman who taught yoga for many years before opening Wholy Formed Yoga six years ago. Entering the studio for the first time, I found the vibe to be calm and comfortable. The “easy” yoga class that begins with a chair sounded the least threatening to me, so I signed up. No spandex wearing young nymphs contorting like pretzels, but older, comfortably clad folks who were not there to impress, but to destressing and work on keeping their bodies moving by stretching and practicing good balance.

The class consisted of ten ladies and one gentleman. Two thirds of the class included chairs, either sitting on them or standing near them stretching over them. All that went well, but then the chairs were folded up and stored away. It was time to get down on the floor, the very thing I had dreaded. Everyone else had brought their own mats, and Brenda brought one over for me.  Miraculously, I made my way down on the mat without a hitch. We did a lot of stretches involving legs and hips, and I managed not to embarrass myself. Toward the end of our work on the mats, Brenda quoted some scripture and ended with a prayer. I prayed that the good Lord would help me get up off the mat. My prayer was answered, as Brenda appeared with one of the chairs so that I could climb my way back up to standing position.

My Tuesday afternoon introduction to yoga resulted in a very achy Wednesday morning. It was obvious I needed to improve muscle tone and overall agility. Okay, I’ll return to yoga, I promised myself, and to seal the deal I went online and ordered a yoga mat. I’ll work toward being able to get up off the floor without a chair, like everyone else was able to do. That’s my goal, and I’m sticking to it.The “easy” yoga chair class is offered on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, but there are classes offered on different levels and schedules. Brenda and her associates also conduct classes mornings and evenings, so there’s something to fit every ability level and schedule.

Remaining healthy and gaining strength in mind, body and spirit has never been more important. Whichever class you choose, on whatever day, you’ll experience God’s grace in this yoga place.

WHoly Formed Yoga

 624 w. State St. Garland TX 75040 


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