Amazing Cake Balls

We recently discovered “Amazeballz”. A little shop located at 335 Coneflower Dr., in the Firewheel outdoor shopping mall in Garland. Opened just a few months ago, this is a second location for owner Jamie Wiggins.

These bite size morsels are made of cake rolled into balls and then into frosting. The day we were there the bottom shelves of the display case were filled with chocolate, white chocolate and red velvet delicacies, while the top shelf offered an array of “booze balls”. Those top shelf goodies were infused with various liqueurs and were very moist on the inside. Prices range from $2.00 -$2.50 per cake ball, and one should satisfy the most demanding sweet tooth.  We were told that the major portion of their business is catering for events such as parties and corporate meetings.

Nancy Ghirla


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