Garland Eyes on the Inauguration

Garland’s mayor, Douglas Athas, happened to be in Washington DC to attend a conference of mayors a few days before the January 20 inauguration of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump. Mayor Athas is the founder of “Garland Eyes”, a website inviting Garlandites to submit photography . I sent off a text message urging him to stay  there in our nation’s capitol and be Garland’s Eyes on the Inauguration.  At first he wasn’t sure if he could get tickets, and seemed kind of put off by all the cameras and security measures that were being taken in advance of the event.

On the day of the inauguration I was delighted to learn he had stayed and would be witnessing the historic event.

I asked him if he could see the swearing in, and he said he could, but not as well as he would have liked. In a text message I asked him how he would rate the experience, and he replied, “excellent”. When asked what had impressed him the most, he responded, “I am very Impressed with the crowds orderliness, their patriotism and the spirit of the moment.”

Following the swearing in ceremony, Mayor Athas  went to a nearby office building, where he could see the parade from an upper floor window. We can take pride in knowing that “Garland Eyes” were present in Washington DC on that momentous occasion.

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Nancy Ghirla