Awesome Bargain Shopping at DFW Storage Finds

The intersection of Rowlett Road and Lakeview Parkway *66 is becoming a favorite shopping destination for both Garland and Rowlett residents. With ALDI, Goody goody, Walgreens, Sprouts and our favorite treasure hunting opportunity, DFW Storage Finds thrift store.


Owned and operated by April and Mark Holder, this store is filled with the contents of abandoned storage lockers. Now in their third year, the Holders began as novices in this unpredictable business. The Holders explained that they are not permitted inside the lockers they are bidding on, but do get a glimpse and a whiff of what the lockers contain. The winning bidder must have the entire locker cleaned out and swept clean within 24 hours following the auction. There have been pleasant surprises and disgusting revelations among the acquisitions resulting from their successful bids. One particularly sickening incident occurred when they acquired the contents of a locker with  an odor coming from a freezer that had been in storage for an extended period of time. As April and Mark hefted the freezer up to clear the top of a dumpster, juices from rotting meat spilled over them. That was 2 years ago, and they have stayed away from lockers containing freezers ever since.  Those rookies have become pros in the storage locker bidding wars, and their store is a beehive of activity, with new merchandise coming in and items being sold and going out the door at a steady rate. The contents of the thrift store are mainly household furniture , appliances and decorator items. April Holder very proudly informed us that they are now selling new furniture and handling the financing, too. It is our great pleasure to observe and report on the growth of what began as a fledgling family business  like DFW Storage Finds. The Holder family is currently recovering from the devastating loss of a young son in a traffic accident several months ago. With heavy hearts they have continued on and are obviously achieving some well earned success.


On our most recent visit we were delighted to snag a few great deals with the purchase of a huge blue and white platter, Mikasa picture frame, Christmas wrapping supplies and 2 Bohemian glass martini glasses. Our combined total was under $10. In addition, we had the pleasure of chatting with the very congenial April Holder and rubbing elbows with other friendly bargain hunters. Great  browsing, great people and even greater prices!!!

\Nancy Ghirla