Bad News for Garland Seniors

Located at Sixth and Avenue A in downtown Garland, the Senior Activity Center seems to have
been abandoned. The Veterans Tribute Garden, adjacent to the building, is overgrown and the
Vietnam Memorial is now sitting in a parking space in the parking lot. It was our understanding
that the SAC was to undergo renovations that involved a project to enlarge the exercise room.
There are no signs of any work having been done or begun on the building.
We posted our findings on Facebook, along with a photo of the Vietnam Memorial resting in a
parking space. We received a response to that post from District 2 Councilwoman Deborah
Morris. She informed us that there will be no renovation of the SAC. Due to issues with the
structure, the building will have to be rebuilt on its present location, or built at a new location.
Apparently, all that is yet to be determined.
For now, the Gale Fields Recreation Center on Dairy Road is serving as the temporary home for
senior activities formerly conducted at the now abandoned SAC on Sixth and Avenue A. With
the abandonment of the Tribute Garden, disrespecting the sacrifices of Garland citizens who
served our country in the various branches of our armed forces, its current status is depressing.
All this must be very disappointing to residents who chose to move into the apartment complex
next door to be near the SAC.
Nancy Ghirla
Email: [email protected]