Black Rifle Coffee & Texas Pecan Waffles

Open just four weeks, the little white building on Avenue D near the corner of 5th Avenue is a welcome new coffee stop. The name on the sign is 5th Avenue Nutrition, but that could be misleading, as that little white building is packed with surprises. The entire menu leans toward health and nutrition, but you can also just enjoy a cup of Black Rifle Coffee. The shop owners, Chasity, David and their 16 year old son Zachary Lewallen are proud to be selling that brand of coffee, owned by veterans and headquartered in Texas. The 8 different Black Rifle Coffee flavors have been given names like Derringer, Glock, Remington, etc.. There are all sorts of healthy additives that can make you healthier while enjoying your shot of caffeine.

This little shop is only 200 square feet in size, but it is packed with personality and healthy drinking and snacking options. Chasity Lewallen is a two time cancer survivor and Zumba instructor. She and her husband, David Lewallen, have both had health issues which led to their research and development of healthy recipes for our favorite indulgences, like waffles and pastries, sweet teas and ice creams. There are energy pick-me-ups that do not contain caffeine, and delicious, crisp waffles to cater to whatever diet you might be on, including keto and vegan. The sweet iced tea we enjoyed had a double barreled punch of protein and was absolutely delicious, with fresh peach added for extra flavor.


This place puts Starbuck’s to shame, and doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to selections of coffees, teas, and food items. The only things they don’t have are seating area and a drive up window. The little shop offers seating outside at the rear of the building, in what we assume was once a parking area. There are comfortable chairs, a firepit and even a sofa under a canvas cover, offering shelter from the elements. This would be an enjoyable gathering spot in cooler weather. Great place to unwind on a coffee break. The store is open 6 days a week from 6am-7pm, closed Sundays.

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Nancy Ghirla