Eastern Hills CC Property

As we drove down South Country Club Road, we were excited to see a new sign at the entrance to what was the Eastern Hills Country Club, now owned by My Possibilities. Their plan, to develop a residential community to house their special needs young adults, has had many hurdles to overcome. Their concept plan to build 300 individual houses on the 198 acre parcel was ultimately approved by the City in 2018. As proposed, My Possibilities would retain 100  homes and put the remaining 200 on the open market. The proposed Universal Design, which includes four foot wide doorways and eliminates all steps, makes it very attractive to seniors seeking a non institutionalized, independent lifestyle.  The walking trails and other amenities would be available to be shared by the neighborhood.

My Possibilities has completed construction of a college campus in Plano for special needs students and has more recently broken ground for a $29 million training center in Plano. This residential community will complete the cycle, as the organization endeavors to create an opportunity for their “hipsters” to lead full and rewarding lives. It has been said many times that, “This will put Garland on the map”.  Having been slowed down by the pandemic, we’re now hoping that this project is about to get underway. 

Letters were sent to neighboring property owners, and a sign was placed near the gate announcing a request for a zoning change.  The Plan Commission would be requested to approve the detailed plan for the development at a meeting to take place on June 27.  We eagerly awaited the outcome, only to be told that there had been a postponement.  We do know that the proposed change in the concept plan will not involve additional housing units.  We will be posting updates

Nancy Ghirla

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