Fish & Tails #5 to Open

It’s been about four years since Fish & Tails Oyster Bar opened on the corner of Seventh and Main Street in Downtown Garland. That was the second location for the Torres brothers, Guillermo, Miguel and Roberto. Their first location was in a small strip mall in Richardson. The brothers purchased the building in Garland that not only houses their restaurant, but also rented office spaces and an event center. The restaurant has been packed since the day it opened. Customers appreciate their great food, fast service and spectacular margaritas. 


Thinking a second Richardson location would be wise, since they needed more space in location #1, and so they opened #3. They thought, according to Guillermo, that customers from their first location would patronize the new one, and so they would close the first one, but that didn’t happen. Both Rhichardson locations were profitable, so both have remained open.


Then came #4, across from the Collin Creek Mall, an area slated for an enormous investment in revitalization. That one is very large, with a large outdoor seating area.


We recently bumped into Guillermo while having lunch at his Garland location, and were amazed to learn that Fish & Tails Oyster Bar #5 is underway in Wylie. We asked why Wylie, and he explained that the City of Wylie had offered incentives that made the newest location possible. The newest Fish & Tails Oyster Bar will be opening in October at 530 Highway 78. Unlike the other four locations, this one is brand new construction. Guillermo once told us he would never consider a location that was more than 15 minutes from his home in Richardson. He may be stretching it just a bit this time. Good luck and continued success to those hard working Torres brothers!

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Nancy Ghirla