The Generator…from Coffee House to Bistro

It was an official Grand Opening, complete with ribbon cutting and and local government bigwigs. The Generator was packed and complimentary wine and cheese was provided by bistro owner, Nir Sela. Located in historic downtown Garland, across from the deserted square, , the Generator is normally closed at 5 p.m. on Mondays. We’re willing to go out on a limb and guess that nothing this exciting has happened on Sixth Street in the past decade. Of course, the  only time i gets that busy is when crowds gather in the square for the Christmas tree lighting  and all the activities involved in the annual Christmas on the Square celebration.

We enjoyed the wine and chicken salad on croissants, but the but the greatest pleasure of the evening came from the vocals of a young Russian entertainer named Goga Denisov.  His tenor range equals that of Andrea Bocelli, as he demonstrated in his rendering of A Time to Say Good(bye. He accompanies himself on keyboard and guitar while singing Sinatra standards, operatic arias and believe it or not, reggae. He went with ease from an aria from Pagliacci, to Sinatra’s My Way and the Eagles’ Hotel California. Goga had us jumping to our feet and applauding wildly as he as he thrilled us with his high notes. There was time between sets to ask him a few questions. He told me his father is Russian, his mother is Georgian. He was raised in Georgia, formerly part of the U.S.S. R. When asked what brought him to Texas, he replied, “I’m in America, and I love it”. At the time I didn’t think he had answered my question, but in retrospect, I think he did.  His records can be purchased and bookings made by going online to Goga Music.

The old Generator Coffee House has taken on a new vibe as its evolution continues. With its newly acquired license to sell beer and wine, its rotating art exhibits and live music, the Generator is generating new life on Sixth Street in downtown Garland. We’ve experienced a decade of ribbon cuttings and grand openings in the Garland area, and this one was the most memorable and enjoyable one of them all. Congratulations and thank yous to Nir Sela, a great addition to the downtown business community .