Texans Starting Fightback — News Conference December 15

News articles are announcing that the incoming government is likely to turn Medicare/Medicaid over to the insurance companies.
Texas retirees will fight

Austin to Host News Conference and Planning Council

We will announce more fightback plans at noon December 15 at the Lamar Seniors Activity Center at 2874 Shoalcrest Ave, at the corner of 29th and Lamar in Austin. Activists from all over the state will attend.
The Executive Board of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans has opened an immediate fightback against any and all threats to the right to retire. The most immediate danger comes from the Speaker of the House, who has been trying to privatize Medicare for the last several sessions, and thinks he will succeed in 2017!
Tell me if you want more info before December 15.
Austin leader Glenn Scott at 512 -657-0184 has details.
Retirees are organizing at our other local chapters:
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–Gene Lantz, President
Texas Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund