Halloween Celebrations, Spooks, and Specials

Janet Black as Wine Witch

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Halloween and Beyond

Out for a casual evening of sipping and snacking at Urban Vine, we encountered the scary Wine Witch! We later found out the face under the veil belonged to none other than our friend, Janet Black. More than 20 members of the Garland Altrusa Club enjoyed the evening of fun and half price wines by the glass.

The Mosaic Festival on the Square

Garland Mosaic Festival

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This event was a mixture of cultures on display to demonstrate the of learning and respecting one another’s differences. The hours were short and the event was over at 2 pm. and the crowd was very sparse throughout the program. One of the most appealing performances was that of the dancers from a local hula dancing school, who brought a smaile to the faces belonging to all the cultures and races.

Wizard Wayne and his Animal Friends

Curiosity led us to McKenna Place on Rowlett Road, where we’d spotted a sign advertising “Magic Fun House.” We found the door unlocked and were warmly welcomed by a character who introduced himself as “Wizard Wayne.” The Wiz gave us a tour of his spooky Magic Fun House and told us he was expecting a group to arrive at any moment.

Furries in Garland

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Our tour completed and we stepped outside just in time to see a van pulling into the driveway. It was full of people drssed as animals and began climbing out of the vehicle. There was a rabbit, a hound dog, a fluffy fox, and several others. They were soon joined by Wizard Wayne and we began shooting group photos. Holly Fox told us that the group had been together the day before at the Dallas Mayors Monster Mash. Wizard Wayne’s Magic Fun House is a place where groups of kids can be entertained with magic tricks and spooky ghost tales. His costumed friends entertain at birthday parties and other social events. McKenna Place is the perfect setting for for this sort of entertainment.