Jazz Strikes a Chord in Downtown Garland

The event was billed as “Jazz in the Square” and hosted by the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Garland. Since the demolition of the building that stood in the middle of the square for about ninety years, the square has become a rectangle with a park-like feel.

The first concert took place on Thursday, August 10, a very warm evening. The heat did not discourage the 200 or so folks who covered the newly planted lawn with their blankets and folding chairs. There were lots of young families with kids, and they all seemed to enjoy The Texas Instruments, an 18 piece big band. The music sounded more like swing than jazz, but it was very well performed and the audience seemed to appreciate the sound.

The second evening of Jazz in the Square featured The Gypsy Playboys, whose repertoire was more contemporary. The weather was very steamy on Thursday, August 17, but the attendance was surprisingly good, given the heavy rains earlier in the in the day. Prior to the concert Cary Hodson, owner of Intrinsic Smokehouse and Brewery, announced on Facebook that it is legal to carry drinks from his establishment out into the square. Of course, if it’s legal for Intrinsic, it’s also legal for the other businesses selling alcoholic beverages in the area. That revelation definitely appealed to a number of concert goers who were understandably thirsty, given the hot summer climate. The fact that there is an audience for Jazz in the Square has definitely been established.

Nancy Ghirla

[email protected]