New Garland Pie Shop

We had been told that the new pie shop was located just off Shiloh Road, between Forest and Miller. The street address is 2441 Goldfinch Lane. It had just opened after months of struggling with interior modifications and the permitting process. The anticipation was great, as we envisioned golden, crisp, melt-in-your-mouth crusts and delectable pie flavors. Our GPS took us right up to the door, and from the exterior of the place the pie shop had already exceeded expectations. Tracy Dowd wearing a headscarf, apron and welcoming smile met us at the door. 

We stepped inside and introduced ourselves. From ceiling to floor, everything about the place felt “new”. There’s a bar with a few stools and four topped tables scattered around the main area. Four more wooden tables and chairs furnish to room to the right of the front door that can be closed off by French doors for private meetings and parties. The handmade tables have vitrine tops with glass covering a display of memorabilia. We pulled up two brightly painted, high backed chairs and took a seat at one of the tables. The chairs, all painted in primary colors, contribute to the friendly atmosphere of the pie shop.

Small bowls of flowers are centerpieces on the glass topped tables made by Tracy’s husband. Tracy introduced us to her son, who was sitting at the coffee bar when we arrived. This is a family owned and operated business that makes one feel at home with the personal touches that welcome you as you step inside.

Tracy Dowd, “the Pie Lady”, sat down with us and we asked her what pies were available. She said she had sold out, and there was not any to be had! Our pie dreams were shattered, but we recovered and continued to interview Tracy.

It all began with “Pie Day”, we were told. She decided that she would serve her pies two days after Thanksgiving, giving guests a chance to digest that heavy meal before serving the pies. So, every Saturday following Thanksgiving, Tracy has hosted “Pie Day” in her home. The number of pie eaters grew from year to year, and finally got up over 100. She decided, at that point, to open a pie shop and make pies available to the public. Instead of the traditional guestbook, Tracy had her guests sign a tablecloth. She had had the signatures embroidered and plans to hang it on a wall in the party room of her new store.

The Piefalootin will be open be open Wednesday through Sunday, and Tracy will be posting which of her 48 pies flavors will be available each day. She mentioned a “Banoffee” and a strawberry with jalapenos, as two of her original concoctions. A friend tells us Tracy’s blueberry cheesecake pie is wickedly wonderful, and we can’t wait to get back to discover our own slices of heaven at Piefalootin Pie Shop. Stop by for a slice and wash it down with a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea. While you’re there, make a point to introduce yourself to your charming pie baker.

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Nancy Ghirla