Urban Air Opens in Garland

1763_3795177367290965215_nUrban Air recently open a franchised location in Garland, and we are happy to welcome the popular indoor activity park in our area. The park features trampoline activities, obstacle courses, open jump areas, and a super vertical playground for smaller children. We took a 6 year old and a three year old to enjoy the park and to find out what the fuss was all about. The indoor facility has many different areas to hold the interest of children and adults of all ages.


This popular franchise converts to a more adult atmosphere with disco lights and music in the evening. They also offer party packages that have proven very successful in other locations, so we assume this new birthday party option will be well received in Garland, too.


20First time visitors should be prepared to sign-in through a lengthy and laborious process that includes a lengthy legal disclaimer, however, once you have done so, your information remains in the system for future visits. The prices are a little steep at $8.99 per hour of play for children 5 and under, and $12.99 for ages 6 & up. Those who do not plan to participate do not have to pay any fees for entrance. A very limited concession is available inside of the park.


Urban Air provides an opportunity for kids of all ages to enjoy healthy physical activity in a very creative and fun environment. They have many group discount packages, member discounts, and promotions available on their website. Our favorite promotion that is currently available until July 31st, is a 3 hour jump pass for just $12.99 from 10am-1pm, any day of the week. They are open 7 days a week and can be reached at 1-800-960-4778!


Nancy Ghirla

Email: nghirla331@gmail.com