Water Conservation Backlash

Kendra Walden, Financial Advisor

Have you wondered why we’re now being told to use more water when the drought continues and our reservoirs continue to dry-up? September was the driest month in recorded history, yet hydrants are gushing water to rid the system of its overload.

Lake Ray Hubbard low water levelsThe North Texas Municipal Water District has a supply contract with its member cities. They also are responsible for mandating the Stage 3 Water Restrictions that have resulted in dried-up lawns and lower water bills for law-abiding residents. Keep in mind that lower water bills means lower city revenues. This places city administration in an awkward position; having to respond to drought conditions on one hand, but needing the income from users to cover the cost of operations and the contract with NTMWD.

Residents looking out at their brown lawns have every right to be bothered by the fact that much of the water they helped save is now being spewed down the drain. We’ve been advised by Bonny Patrick, Garland’s Public Information Officer for the Water Department, that restrictions are soon to be loosened and watering will be allowed more frequently, which will be a case of too little, too late, as far as our lawns are concerned. However, the much larger issues are how long can a city afford to continue to operate its water department in the red, and the other is how long can the NTMWD continue to supply its member cities with water according to contract?

Lake Ray Hubbard Low Water LevelsIf Mother Nature would provide us with enough rain to fill our lakes and reservoirs the problem would be solved for now. Presently other measures must be taken. Can the supply contract with the NTMWD be renegotiated so that we’re not taking on more water than we’re using? One thing is for certain, and that is the fact that our water supply is drying up and measures must be taken to ensure a future water supply not dependent upon current sources. According to Patrick, the Seagoville Wetlands, a new reservoir and the creation of manmade underground aquifers will ultimately ensure our water supply. Until then, as good citizens of Planet Earth who do not want their water supply to become a “toilet to tap” affair, we must continue to conserve and let the city government resolve its business issues. Lake Ray Hubbard Low Water Levels